fujifilm velvia 100f

Fujifilm Velvia 100F 120 Slide Film

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  • Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type color reversal film with ultrafine grain, designed to produce high-contrast images with the highest color saturation among 100F series films. Incorporates new cyan, magenta and yellow couplers.
  • Suited to a variety of uses such as landscape, nature, commercial, food, and interior applications.
  • Provides ultrahigh-saturation colors and unsurpassed hue fidelity, along with the ability to reproduce purples, greens and other subtle colors with a fidelity not found in previous films, as well as good light source compatibility, resulting in minimal color tinging under mixed light sources or fluorescent lighting. Can be push-processed up to +2 stops with excellent results and little photographic variation.