The All-in-One package camera. - Olympus Mju II VCH Review

The All-in-One package camera. - Olympus Mju II VCH Review

With a decent pocketable size and an impressive 35mm f2.8 sharp lens, this point-and-shoot camera from the late 90s has raised a considerable fan base worldwide.



There are good reasons to have a camera like Mju II in your collection; the lens optics and sharpness are great, and the active multi-beam autofocus with focus lock is quite impressive for a camera of that size. On top of these, the Olympus Mju II is weather resistant with an on-camera flash offering multiple programs and a spot metering option.



But as with everything in life, nothing is perfect. This camera has minimal user input meaning that almost all the creative decisions will be taken by the camera. In our experience, the flash seems to give a greenish tint to the skin tones when taking close portraits.


In addition, the autofocus system can get fooled or misfocus, but a very tiny percentage of the photos we have taken were affected by this. This camera was designed as a purebred point & shoot with no manual controls, no EV compensation and a fully automatic focusing system. If you want a camera that you can pull out of your pocket and get great-looking photos with minimal effort, then the Olympus Mju II is a great choice.


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