The popular kid of the block - Canon AE-1 VCH Review

The Canon AE-1


One of the most popular cameras of the mid 70's and early 80's and for a good reason, the Canon AE-1 was a leap forward on SLR design for Canon. It was the first camera to integrate a CPU; this together with a great marketing campaign gave Canon an advantage over other SLRs brands of the time selling more than a million units over the eight years before the production was discontinued. 

The Canon AE-1 was the first 35mm SLR camera in the world to feature shutter speed-priority exposure mode. 


The shutter speed priority has to be one of the most positive things about the AE-1, with this semi automatic program you will always know in which shutter speed you are taking your photo this will ensure you are never shooting an image in speeds below ideal and getting a blurry image without intention. 

These cameras are built out of metal so they will take a beating before giving up on you, making them a perfect companion for all your adventures without having to worry too much about them. 

Their viewfinder is bright and large, with all the information you need to nail the exposure and the focusing screen is easy to use and grab focus.  

They look stylish and retro and also won't break the bank! 


The Canon AE-1 are fully electronic cameras so they will rely on working batteries and well kept circuits to work correctly. So make sure when you purchase one that the camera is in good condition and has been serviced accordingly to prevent unpleasant surprises down the road. 

The ergonomics of this camera aren't the greatest but I guess that for a camera of the 70's with the retro feel and look there isn't much more to expect.


The AE-1 is a great camera to begin your journey in film photography, it is budget friendly, solid built, the shutter speed priority mode does a good job and the lens variety and quality is pretty decent and budget friendly too. 

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