Receiving Payment

Accepting Payment

Upon accepting our final offer for your equipment, please provide your banking information via email, and we will initiate a bank transfer within 2-3 days.

Credits or Trades

Opt for a "trade-up" and choose store credit over a bank transfer for a more favourable offer from us. Share links to the items you're eyeing in our shop, and we'll craft a compelling proposal combining your trade-in with the new gear you desire. This could result in an even trade, a balance due to us, or a credit owed to you. Alternatively, you can request to have the credit stored on your account for future use.

Declining Our Offer

Should you decide not to accept our offer and prefer to have your items returned, simply let us know. Rest assured, your items are securely handled and stored during our inspection process. We will carefully repack your items and return them to you at no cost.

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