Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fill a Quote Form

he quickest and most efficient method to begin selling your camera gear to Vintage Camera Hut is through submitting a web quote.

Regardless of whether it's a single piece or an extensive collection, this process allows us to understand what you're offering and enables you to find out the value of your equipment. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to complete the necessary forms step by step.

  1. Go to the form
  2. What are you selling?

Start by entering the name and specifications of the item you're looking to sell, then choose the condition that best describes your item.

       3. Item Condition

How to choose a condition?


The item is non-functional or has significant cosmetic damage that impairs its operation.
Uncertain about the item's functionality or cosmetic condition.
Poor but usable
The item exhibits moderate denting or other indications of heavy, extensive use.
The item displays commonplace scratching, minor dents, and other typical indications of regular use.
Minimal signs of use, perhaps featuring only small scratches and minor dust accumulation.
New or just serviced
In pristine condition, either completely unused or recently serviced by a professional technician.

How is the condition of my camera equipment evaluated during testing?
Our experienced technicians utilize professional-grade testing equipment that is appropriate for the era of the camera. This is essential because fundamental camera functions such as shutter speed, metering, and automatic exposure accuracy cannot be accurately evaluated without these tools.

What do the Item Condition Ratings entail?
In our quality control protocol, every pre-owned camera, lens, or accessory undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic upon arrival at our shop. If the item falls short of satisfactory condition, we perform necessary servicing or repairs. Subsequently, we categorize the item into one of four condition labels based on its final state.

         4. Contact Information
Fill in your details in "Contact information" so that we can contact you.

         5. Notes & Images
Write some additional information about your item and share a link with us.

6. Submit
Submit your form and we will do the rest