Minolta X-700 a sleeping beast

Get ready to discover an underrated but truly great camera that you don't want to miss! The Minolta X-700 is a camera that won the European “Camera of the Year” award in 1981 due to its competitive pricing, and it's one of the most successful Minolta cameras since the SRT line. Although in 1985, Minolta unveiled its first autofocus cameras, the X-700 is still an excellent choice for photographers who appreciate manual-focus 35mm SLR cameras.

What's cool about the X-700 is that it features the Minolta Program System (MPS) and a special flash metering system that automatically adjusts the exposure and flash output for perfect pictures without any user input. That's not all; you can switch focusing screens and lock the exposure, making it a versatile camera for any situation.

The X-700 has something for everyone. With its advanced features, accessories, and lenses, it was designed to be great for anyone, from beginners to pros. Minolta created a few models based on the X-700 platform, such as the X-300 and X-600. The X-500 (X-570 in the U.S.) was also a popular choice, and it allowed for slower sync speeds than 1/60 of a second, which was a relief to X-700 users.

The X-300 was the most basic of the X-series, but still a great option for anyone looking for a reliable camera. Although it lacked the depth of field preview button, and the f-stop setting of the lens wasn't displayed in the viewfinder, the shutter, viewfinder, mirror system, and light metering system were all the same.

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