Nikon FM - A professional 35mm camera on a budget

If you are getting confident manually setting up your camera to expose, and understand the basics of correctly exposing an image then let me introduce you to an incredible candidate for your fully manual budget friendly film SLR. 

The Nikon FM was released on the late 1970's. It was an interchangeable lens camera aimed to professional photographers. This mechanical camera has a great battery powered three LED + 0 - meter, a 1/1000th shutter and a flash sync of 1/125th.

The Nikon FM is a great choice to jump into the world of analogue SLR cameras thanks to its excellent built and straight forward dials. On top of that, the bright viewfinder will be a great help to get you up and running on your new photography adventure.


Here are some sample images taken by one of our team members.


Have you ever considered owning this camera or better, have you already shot a roll of film with it?  

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