Packing & Shipping

If you're shipping your gear to us for sale or trade-in, follow these expert packing tips to keep your photography equipment safe in transit. Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for your items until they reach our shop.


Imagine your photography gear as precious glass ornaments, requiring careful packaging to make it to our shop intact. For items that need protection, choose padding materials that absorb shocks and bumps along the way. Whenever possible, utilize the product's original packaging, which is precisely engineered for the best protection. Encase each item individually in bubble wrap, packing paper, or newspaper for added protection during transport.

If the original box isn't available, opt for a box that's large enough to allow for ample cushioning material inside, such as extra bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. Avoid overstuffing, but ensure to fill any voids within the box to minimize the movement of items during transit.

Ensure there's no empty space within the box by padding every area, restricting any movement of the items while in transit. Keep in mind, shipping is both at your cost and responsibility, so it's crucial to pack your products securely!


Once you've finished packing, forward your parcel to the address listed below. Ensure you enclose a copy of your passport or a valid identity document and your IBAN details for the bank transaction. Our skilled camera service team will meticulously examine your equipment's condition and functionality as soon as we receive your shipment. You can anticipate our evaluation report within a few business days. If our assessment uncovers any major discrepancies, we may revise our preliminary offer. You retain the right to reclaim your items even after our evaluation. If everything aligns with the initial description, we'll proceed to deposit the agreed amount into your bank account.

Engaging in this process not only simplifies your life and boosts your bank balance but also supports our mission to foster a more circular economy.

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